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TheFlyingSmurfs values your concern for your hard-earned money. Therefore, we make sure that your investments pay you well. Considering all that, we offer unrivaled and cheapest prices.

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Why buy csgo accounts from TheFlyingSmurfs?

A game that has over 11 million monthly active users is definitely a game that offers something special. Yes, we are talking about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This extraordinary game puts players in team 1 and team 2. One team is comprised of people creating havoc, while the other team works hard to stop the destruction. When the description of the game sounds so exciting and high-paced, can you imagine how exciting playing the game is?
People who have been enthusiastic gamers since childhood are probably fans of Counter-Strike. When Counter-Strike first came out, it had a huge fan following. Building upon the popularity of the game, the company introduced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The world is expanding and so is the gaming industry. Now you can play with team players from all over the world, fulfill missions, win prizes and level up in the ranking.

When it comes to gaining the necessary skill and rank, The Flying Smurfs should be your first destination. We offer a variety of CS: GO accounts, from Prime Accounts to Silver Accounts, and from Gold Nova Accounts to Pubg Accounts. Whatever you need to win the game, we have it.

But why should you choose The Flying Smurfs for your account requirements? Well, we offer instant delivery via email. We offer 24 x 7 support to our customers for setting up their accounts or for troubleshooting any other issue related to purchasing or setting up a steam account. Our accounts do not use any sort of hacking software or third party software.

We want to make gaming an amazing experience for you. With these new accounts in hand, you will definitely be unstoppable in the CS: GO world. Browse through the many different options and enhance your gaming experience better than before.

The Flying Smurfs is your one-stop-shop for CS: GO accounts.

Stay tuned and up to date!

An efficient and dedicated team is at your disposal round the clock. Their only task is to help and assist you and to remove any ambiguities and confusions that raise in your mind.

Why to use TheFlyingSmurfs?


Get access to accounts with the blink of an eye, that too without any hidden charges. We remain committed in delivering Account Details instantly to the customer with our Easy Staff.

What’s CS:GO?

Counter-strike is the most popular title in fps gaming since 90’s with popular releases such as cs1.6 and cs source counter-strike comes up with the legendary csgo or counter-strike global offensive on 21 August 2012

  • Most Streamed Game on Twitch 2017
  • Best Selling Game on Steam since 2016
  • Big Communities under this game in Pro Scene.

Company address

Contact us here if you face any problem or want to query anything regarding the accounts or our site.
TheFlyingSmurfs Office, 2 Elizabeth
+61 (0) 7 9180 3458
[email protected]